Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How Do You Spell Relief?

  • Write down the project or situation that is most on your mind at this moment

  • In a single sentence, describe your intended successful outcome for it

  • Write down the very next physical action required to move forward

Learn it, people. Live it. Love it. These words (the above list) can get me through damn near anything. From David Allen's Getting Things Done.

p.s. KB, buy it today!


kb said...

I will buy it this weekend! But I'm in a catch 22. How will I find time to read it when I have so much organizing to do first? (wink, wink)

r.bean said...

oooo....kb pinpoints the catch w/ that book....
i bought it when i was buried (and in a self-help demi-birthday mode) ... and it helped just by making me feel more anxious about the time i was spending reading it instead of doing the things i had to do...

i desparately want the pamphlet version....with bullet points like you've got. maybe i will go through this book via your blog!

emdot said...

I felt that way too.

What I learned:

> The first time I "read" it (as much as I could), I implemented one strategy: folder file convention: all folders are right-only tabs, I bought a label maker, and I no longer file in subcategories -- just categories. Name of project goes on the file; AND only ONE folder per hanging folder. I love this and it has helped me so much. I've used this for almost three years.

> The second time I read it, I read the ENTIRE book and implemented the "Next Action Item" strategy and the Project List strategy. AND my email inboxes are always at EMPTY. Because IN means IN, not "do something about this," or "reply to this person," or "store this."

I did that on January 1st. At work. Not at home (yet).

For the last five months I have tried my darnedest to stick with it. I give myself a B. :)

Now I am re-reading for a third time (my copy is all dog-eared and notated and page-tabbed. I'll take a photo for flickr! Anyway, in this reading I'm just going over it to see -- where did I lose vision? What did I forget about? What did I misunderstand?

I'm sure in 6 - 12 months I won't be so fanatical (word?). But right now it is a huge help. Very inspiring. Very motivational. And etc etc. :)

emdot said...

ps -- i'll make a pamphlet! ;)

r.bean said...

yay! zooot zoot for pamphlets...i love!

the file thing...i'm submitting myself for an award for worst filer.

imagine your single point bullet list w/ bold topic....that's like me filing. i hear the single file thing and it's like....i don't think that's what they really be meaning i have mazillions of files. i just keep making new ones (sort of like that Borges character w/ perfect memory who named each view of a cat - effectively filing the same thing ad inf.)

*also sorry my comments are growing out of control! i gotta get to nyc + peoples soon!