Thursday, May 24, 2007

So, I don't really cook

Summary from earlier today: diet/health + organization = goals.

One thing I don't do is that I don't cook. I mean, okay, yeah, I'm a wiz with the following things: scrambled eggs, toast, slicing cheese, spreading butter/mayo/mustard, slicing pickles, and adding yogurt to damn near anything. This means that I can make breakfast combinations (eggs, toast, yogurt, cereal) and many many types of sandwiches. And that is the extent of my cooking.

I'm not proud of that. But I can admit it.

So, if I want to get healthier and thinner, I most probably need to start making my own meals (as opposed to eating out at restaurants). Which means, I probably need to learn to cook. Which means I will also be saving money (goal 3!) as well.

What I find hard about cooking

What DON'T I find hard about cooking?
  1. It requires time.
    See that's hard for me because I typically am instantly hungry and need to instantly eat. This means that I will need to be smarter about snacking and smarter about timing.
  2. It requires planning
    How am I supposed to know what I will want to eat ahead of time? This is a huge dilemma for me. On top of that, menu planning gives me hives and makes me hyperventilate. Will need to tackle that in baby steps.
  3. Getting everything done at the same time
    How do people do that? It's a mystery. It's a skill. It seems a bit daunting.
So cooking will be addressed here. And menu planning. AND (this will be the really fun part), what to order when you are out to eat in SLO Town.

Of course, recommendations will be gladly accepted as well.

In the interim, I give you a link to mightygirl's I heart menu planning. Her post was like some kind of discovery for me: what? someone knows how to do it AND they like to do it AND they posted it online? I heart Maggie Mason.


Bodhi47 said...

ya need to stock up on staples
that you buy something fresh and then throw it on top of something you have on hand. Rachel Ray's express lane meals cookbook has some great suggestions. Most simple meals can take as little as 15 minutes (especially if they're veggie).

emdot said...

Best tip ever! Thank you thank you. I'm going to check it out today.