Friday, May 11, 2007

I've begun to re-read Getting Things Done

Ineffective personal organizational systems create huge sub-conscious resistance to undertaking even bigger projects and goals that will likely not be managed well, and that will in turn cause even more distraction and stress. – David Allen
Welcome to my world.

I hit some kind of wall this week. I've been rundown and on the verge of being sick to the point that every day I wonder if I should go home from work and just get more sleep and rest. And it's no like it was just one thing. From finding a stranger in my house Monday morning to taking care of some important personal necessities to feeling like I am probably going to be really sick at any moment, I have not been working at the top of my game -- or anywhere near it -- this week. And that in itself will wreck havoc against me in the little world which is my head and inner dialogue.

More and more I feel like life and the lessons it doles out is a repetition of surrender surrender surrender.

More on that later, if I get time.

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