Tuesday, June 12, 2007

i'm in love with my igoogle theme

i'm in love with my igoogle theme, originally uploaded by emdot.

I know it's a little thing, but my google theme makes me happy every time I see it. I love how this cute little critter moves about throughout the day, rowing his boat, picking the oranges, making lunch, playing guitar to the ducks. and at night he sleeps. so cute.

this morning i woke up before the crack of too early, opened up this page and saw that the cute little guy was just waking and a rooster was crowing on the other side of the pond.

it's the little things for me.

another fun little thing: localization of flickr. it's hard to have it on english when you can have the fun of german, spanish, portuguese, french. so great!

today was my first day of 95% cold free. that is 14 days of sickness. i am a wimp. just a cold and it laid me out flat and rendered me stupid. i praise my clear sinuses. i rejoice in my moving with ease lungs. and sing hallelujah for clearer thinking.


Caryn said...

I'm glad you're feeling better -- hugs to you.

Bart said...

Yeah, the iGoogle themes are great: I'd also like to recommend the Seasonlandscape (or something like that, i run a Dutch iGoogle. I mean the one with the frog in some hilly landscape and his friend the red bug).

They keep on suprising me: once i came back at 04:00 from a drinking binge, and found them lying asleep near the campfire they had build during the day (where they usually sit singing in the evening).

This stuff is better then a soap on tv.. cuter, simple and way more suprising. These little things make me smile :p

But im going for the theahouse now, i recon its the same artist that made them. (i didnt enjoy the busstop and the others taht much.. too noral, not enough small cuteness).

And the way the color scheme changes with the pics is just plain great.

Terry said...

I agree! I love my theme too...and the way the little things change really makes me feel life is happening. Tonight I found ducks grazing. Previously they were always in the water and maybe only one or two. Tonight...a flock. So nice.