Monday, June 04, 2007

Okay I am now officially really sick of being sick. Enough already.

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I'm starting to get pissed. Not pissed, more like exasperated. How can I still be sick? I've gone through TWO kleenex boxes (granted, I get the smaller, more designery boxes) and a roll and a half of toilet paper. My lungs are obviously made of molasses as it takes effort to make them breathe. BREATHE LUNGS. And making my bed just qualified as an aerobic activity. This has got to stop.

Yesterday I did venture out and saw Knocked Up (which seemed like a benign activity but actually laid me out flat by the time I got home.). I really liked it. Really. Highly recommend it. Would even maybe see it again.


I'm really sick of the way so many people play out relationships. Meaning, women make men give up the things they love. Men constantly let down their spouses. Women have ridiculous demands. Men cheat. In my experience (and also in observing the relationships of most of my friends), it's not like that. And I think it paints a pejorative of love and marraige.

Why can't we all just get along?

And even though she was a shrew and shrill (a terrible, tho common, combination) I LOVED how the sister responded to men who were really really brusque with her. That was great. And is still cracking me up this morning.

Cracking me up between blowing my nose and letting out sneezes that are shaking all the houses in our block.

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