Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A few links I have recently loved

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  • Keri Smith: Unbranding
    What continues to inspire me are all of these crazy creative people online sharing what they think, make, do, create. Right up on the top of the list is Keri Smith. Her newest musings have to do with unbranding our lives. So she's created some templates you can print out to wrap up your cereal boxes, toothpaste tubes, and other whatnots around your house.

  • Terry Gross interviews Mark Wahlberg
    This guy is way more interesting than I ever would have thought. Smart. Kinda humble. Maybe change that to honest/real. Very good interview.

  • Terry Gross interviews Molly Ivins (archives)
    When people like Molly Ivins die is when I cross my fingers that reincarnation might be true. And if not reincarnation than I really really hope that it just means someone else talented, smart, witty, and ballsy quickly rises up to take her place.

  • Story Corp: Alzheimers
    A Love that Burns Brightly. Story Corp can be a hit or a miss. But this one sinks right into the very marrow of growing older.

  • Terry Gross interviews Colin Meloy of the Decemberists
    I love this band I love this band I love this band I love this band. And I really really love their newest album The Crane Wife. I love that CD I love that CD I love that CD.

    Basically the above paragraph is all the proof anyone would ever need to know I should never be a critic or reviewer.

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