Monday, February 19, 2007

Why San Francisco is more awesomer than your city

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Pillow fight club! Every Valentine's Day. I love this. :)

» Pillow fight slideshow from Flickr group

» Photos tagged with san francisco pillowfight

» Article in the Chronicle


r.bean said...

Not so fast thar lady!

The next NYC pillow fight is in four days .... and I think the phenom started in (Toronto?) Canada.

Let the feathers fall where they may.

maureen said...

i love that idea! i watched the slideshow for about 10 minutes - what fun, -- fun photos too.

okay, so if i am ever down in SF for valentine's day can i go with you to the pillow fight, Emdot?

emdot said...

bean, as always, has her thumb on the pulse of cool humanity. :)

maureen -- just gimme enough notice. har! i'm four hours south of s.f., but oh, man, what i wouldn't give for a bay area pillow fight or the brides of march. :)