Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Names which might have been mine if I had played a Native American in Dances with Wolves

i am such a copycat
Originally uploaded by emdot.

  • Burns the Coffee
  • Speeds through Yellow Light
  • Late for Work
  • Swoons for Sharpies
  • Always with the Puns Already
  • Wastes Time with Flickr
  • Sends DVDs Back Very Late to Netflix
  • Drives the 101
  • Doodles in Meetings
  • Goes for Second Helping


calvo said...

I might add to that:

· befriends with abandon
· charms with a smile
· pimps the good life


emdot said...

Better to befriend than to defriend. :)

And I gotta say, I've got excellent taste in friends, friend. :)

calvo said...

yeah, me too! :)

My name is Heather said...

Great idea for a blog post! I might have to "copycat" that. ;-)

emdot said...

copycat it, heather!

you can be "copycats blog posts." :)