Tuesday, May 09, 2006

me and kb

me and kb, originally uploaded by emdot.

pieces of me

At the Black Crowes concert I wore my hair in braids. I wore a bandana too, which I thought was smarty-smart since I knew the sun would be a blazing. There is nothing worse that burnt scalp. Especially if it begins to peel. Cuz that's just nasty.

So this morning, I am sitting here, typing away, minding my own business, doing my work and I smooth my hands over my hair in the back... kind of like a little pause gesture.

When I notice there is something stuck in my hair. Plaster? What is this? Weird.

Well, Einsteindot here did not take into consideration that the the part in the back of her head from the braids would get sunburnt. I'm totally peeling. And scalp peeling is nasty! Especially when I can't even see it.

So now I'm like tourrette's girl checking the hair on the back of my head every five minutes. Boooo.

(taking a very short break from work to write this)

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