Tuesday, May 16, 2006

remington gets ready for the big lights

Rem's Big Comedy Night

If you haven't seen Rem yet, or have 5 times already, this is the night to come!!!
Y'all Peeps:

It's official. I'm shooting a show for video on Saturday, May 27th, 8:00 PM *sharp*.

This is a very important shoot because if it goes well (meaning your laughs sound vaguely sincere) I'll be able to send it to personal management agencies in Hollywood. Yours might be the very laugh that brings me stardom! If you can make it (and BRING A FRIEND) I'd be deeply in your dept.

This show contains themes NOT suitable for CHILDREN! I'm all Disney, of course, but the opening act, Ms. Jill Turnbol, is pure filth. Jill has 13 years comedy circuit experience and, unlike me, never has a bad show.

The Grange Hall is on Broad St. next to Staples and Utopia Bakery. PLEASE BE ON TIME: seating will be tricky this time and Jill will only be doing 15 short minutes. (I'll be doing an hour!) Hope to see you there.

Love to all,


PS - Beer will be available at the show, but why not get a head start? #;->

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