Sunday, May 07, 2006

summer comes early (spring came late)

i am from

I am from a number two pencil, from Lancome Lipstick and Laurel's Cookbook.

I am from the sandy and the foggy and the smell of the bay.

I am from the saguaro, the eucalyptus, the ice plant, the oak tree.

I am from the treks to Big Sur and the jump in the car and go clan. I am from the long-limbed, from Figueroa and Hanson and Chavez and Phelps.

I am from the wanderers and settlers, the elaborators and the painters.

From the Spanish and the Stoics.

I am from Catholics and Lutherans and Agnostics and Buddhists. I'm from hodge podge tradition and long, formal lineage.

I'm from Arizona and Mexico and Oregon and Sweden, enchiladas with fried eggs and buckwheat pancakes with compote.

From the pacifist who moved back to Mexico in protest of war, the lovers that crossed an ocean to marry, the gatherers of tourquoise, the young mother who worked hard to provide, and the girl who came to the states all by herself to learn.

I am from shoeboxes and harddrives and cedar chests and bookcases, loaded with the weight of memories and loved ones and hopefulness and longing.

- - - - - - - - -

this is an old file i was playing with a year ago. i forget where i saw it, but i did see something like this on flickr (i think it was on flickr). i loved it. their version. and i began to plink away on my own, but never finished or refined. so here is mine in raw form. do you have one?

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