Wednesday, May 10, 2006

waiting at the salon

waiting at the salon, originally uploaded by emdot.

guilty pleasure

The Caballero Sausage sandwich from Campus Market. OhmigodYUM.

Time was, when I was working at Web Ass, that lunches could not be big enough or long enough. I've already explained certain food issues here and they were in full swing at the Dub-A. I think it was the stress and the complete inability to get 1/2 of your work done any day ever. No matter who you were. So my lunches were boundless and endless (and luckily not a lot of dinner eating in those days).

Sometimes I trip on it at the new job. No snacking. No huge lunches. Just my caballero sando and a little something to drink. Times change.

ALA gets two on base

As they often do. That site is so consistently good that at times it's easy to take it for granted. Yesterday's articles were great:

ohmigod total ear treat

So I've been styled with some really great music lately. New bands, old bands, new to me bands. Eclectic bunchings of latin to alt to indie to uncatagoried. For the last two weeks my biggest droolfest has been Caetano Veloso. Specifically (but not limited to) Lost in the Paradise (gaahhhh. I love it.). But my musical attention is now squarely and repeatedly on an old Leo Kottke song called "Jack Gets Up." I play it over and over and over again. Which you would know is extremely appropriate if you knew the song.

one ringy dingy

I got a new cell phone.

For those of you in the know, you know how truly obnoxious I am with my cell phone. Either (eeeether), it's never on me or it's not charged or I've forgotten to check my messages or I've lost it.

Part of the problem was that I hated my phone. It had poor reception and I sounded like crap back to my phone pals.

This has been solved. As of yesterday I am the owner of the cutest phone ever (at the best deal ever -- $50!!) It is feature-heavy -- 1.3 megapixel camera, video, MP3 player, recorder. It's orange. It twists. It's adorable.

And, even better, it is with me now. Charged even.

Miracles never cease.

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