Monday, February 14, 2005

here are some words i thought i'd never say

Here are some words I thought I'd never say: The Grammy's were really good. Who knew? Generally a program I avoid like... well kinda like the Jerry Lewis telethon, tonight's show kinda sorta made me a believer. If they'd passed a tithing bowl I'd had to have dipped into my pockets for some well-worth it monetary appreciation. Cuz my belief in the music industry has been saved.

First of all, Alicia Keys gave me goosebumps and caused me to watch with my mouth agape. That kind of talent... how does someone get that kind of talent? And she's not even my kind of music yet I might have to buy her whole album.

Second of all, Melissa Etheridge, belting out proud in honor of Janis Joplin, was all in a blaze of shorn-close glory, just finishing up chemo, battling against breast cancer. I realize I am not wothy. And who is Joss Stone? I don't know, but if she's the future... man I don't even know. I have no idea what kind of music she plays in "real" life, but good lord she belted it out with real grit and grace in the Joplin tribute.

Franz Ferdinand. I think I collectively love them. Yet, I've always been a sucker for Scotland. Usher, not my style, but did you see the moves? Did you see the trampoline? James Brown? Awesome.

Best acceptance speech hands down, Kanye West who had more elegance, grace, and poignancy than humanly possible when it came to giving thanks off the cuff. Second, Larry Mullens Jr saying that U2's all about the live and then apologizing to the fans who couldn't get tickets. God love him.

So, yeah, the Grammy's. What a blast. Tho, watching it on a 64-inch screen and with dolby surround-the-universe-sound system cranked to 11 didn't hurt.

Yeah, yeah. I never thought I would be so fired up after a silly award's show. But , man. That was fun.

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