Thursday, February 17, 2005

more reasons for you to think i'm wacky

I can't explain my fascination with things like Astrology and Numerology and Palm Reading. It's not that I'm necessarily interested in "what's going to happen"... In fact, I pretty much believe that we create what we create. But I guess I also believe in talents and obstacles, which tend to be out of our control.

This morning the OC Register had a little story on Numeroloy, specifically Life Path numbers.

This is how you do it: take your birth date and add up all the numbers in a row. That number will be a double digit. Now add those numbers together. That is your life path.

My birthday is September 5 and I was born in 1966.

9 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 6 = 36

3 + 6 = 9

I'm a 36/9
NINES are the natural leader. People assume they are in charge even if they are not. If in a department store, people think they work there. They take care of everyone else but need to learn to speak up when they need help, love, and hugs. 9s often feel unloved or abandoned by their mother or father, or they feel completely responsible for them. It's hard for them to let go of the past.
On top of that you have other numbers. The article talks about your attitude number which is your month and day added together.


9 + 5 = 14; 1 + 4 = 5
The 5 Attitude is playful and fun. Here are examples of some clients. One of them sent me her picture sitting on an elephant in Sri Lanka. Another for her 40th birthday went down a raft in the Grand Canyon and on her 50"1 birthday was at the top of the Eiffel Tower. See how they need to go and look at this world? They can't wait to go and experience other parts of the planet, and if they get stuck in a situation, it's too dramatic and they wind up playing the martyr. So better a 5 get out there. It's all about adventure and excitement. They love to flirt and they're usually the life of the party.
What this does is shows you how someone can appear one way when you first meet them (attitude number), but be somewhat different as you get to know them (life path number).

So add 'em on up peeps. You know you want to. And then read about yer numbers and see if they fit you or not.

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