Monday, February 28, 2005

worst! oscars! ever!
  1. Bringing nominees on stage

  2. Having presenters in aisles or balconies

  3. Not showing clips from documentaries, shorts and forgeign films

  4. Beyonce
It didn't get good until the very end. All parts leading up to best actress were like a double dose of sominex except for Salma Hayek (who seemed to be the only presenter with personality). Loved the Spanish guy who sang his acceptance speech. And we are so glad that Jamie Fox won insteada Leonardo DiCaprio (though I wouldn't have minded Don Cheadle winning for his beautiful performance in Hotel Rwanda).

But seriously? The Oscars were inversely proportioned to the Grammys. Where the Grammy's were so surprisingly good, fun and exciting (it's true), the Oscars were painful, confusing, and sleep inducing. I think last night's show could have actually sucked out any enthusiam a burgeoning young artist could have had for this medium.

BUT it was fun hanging out with Slogrl, the KID, Dan and Shane. Friends and their ongoing commentary can breathe life into even the most stale event.

how the oscars could be better
  1. Use film to highlight the different categories and nominees. Or at least try to build excitement in some way (and hello -- since you are celebrating film, why not build the excitement with film?)

  2. If there are heavy time restrictions cut out more of the presentations, but pay thought provoking respect through interesting montages showing other categories nominations -- and why -- and how they won.

  3. No Beyonce. Ever.

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