Thursday, February 24, 2005

music of note

kings of leon. dog damn. i think this guy has my all time favorite vocal style. new cd that i want to lick and or crunch on. except i downloaded the whole cd from itunes, so it must be a virtual licking/crunching. but seriously, kings of leon = dead seal on the beach and i = dog rolling around in dead seal. i can't get enough.

yesterday i was ... teased? accused? of using morbid metaphors. maybe there's something to that.

wilco. live tonight on npr.

the duhks. the duhks were quite the hit with me and my ilk at last year's live oak. one, the girls were hot and all of the male ilk were transfixed to said stage like moths to porch light. the rest of us were just really into the music: eclectic stew pot of old timey + r&b + ... some kind of energy that is hard to describe. huge hit. don't miss this npr interview (complete with four songs to listen to).

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