Tuesday, February 01, 2005

i always wanted to be the it girl

so i work from home, some of the time. and i work at an office space some of the time. this is turning into most of the time, as i need to delineate fun computer time from work computer time. just for my own productivity. anyway, at the office -- it is another company and i just have a little workspace for my thing, separate from them. however, one of the reasons i get such a good deal on office rent is because i "know" computers. ;) (all computer guys i've worked with in the past are heh-ing that statment right now).

i'm the office I.T. girl. and hot damn, i always wanted to be the it girl. i have been helping people with printer problems and basic computer problems and ... it's fun. ;) But now it's back to my own work. ;)

this office, btw, has a case of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in the fridge and a dog or two hanging out and being friendly. and if you know me, you know i love that.


more inconsequentials: the weather is amazing today and while i know it's not good for the area, i hope we've seen winter come and go. i'm ready for spring. i'm ready for flowers blooming and baby birds chirping and outdoor concerts in avila and long windyroad jaunts for wine tasting or basic exploring.

in two days i will have had my little ball of fur, chapin o'malley the alley cat for one year. ;)

what i'm really into these days, and i'll write more about these two things in future posts: del.icio.us and last.fm. if you want to try out last.fm can i recommend the following streams (all of whom are from flickr): machete, bunchofpants, leff, philna, striatic. last night i listened to philna's stream until i could no longer keep my eyes open. great stream. today it's machete's. we're pretty much on the same last.fm wavelength.

and really quick, while i'm thinking about it, have you noticed this Smith's resurgence? fun. that was a long time coming. i mean, i don't want to od or anything, but it's fun hearing these old songs.

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