Sunday, November 26, 2006

the de-clutter update

cuz i know everyone is hanging onto the edge of their seats here.
  • major progress
  • countless trash bags
  • the purging of many things i was clinging to for no apparent reason
  • ALL of the sopranos, season two, including going back for two episodes with directory commentaries
  • i love director commentaries
  • well, the good ones, at least
i'd kinda forgotten how totally brilliant the sopranos is. i haven't seen any of this last/current season and, true, am still rattled from that one episode in season five (you know the one; poor ade; that's what i'm going to call that episode: poor ade; i think it's called Long Term Parking.)

but now i am beat. i wish i would have made even more progress. but that is what tomorrow is for. right now? exhausted. tucking myself in. what is tomorrow? the 27th? only four more days to go. amazing. i'm glad for the November challenge, though, truly.

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