Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sharing the Flickr Love — All Month Long

For the month of November I will be featuring a fellow female flickr photographer. I wasn't trying to descriminate against the guys (and probably I have more photographs from men represented in my favorites than from women, for whatever reason), but I love my female flickr contacts so much I wanted to showcase some of them here. I missed yesterday, so I'll be taking this through December 1.

So, with no further ado...

Fellow Female Flickr Photographer #1: LunaSol

Set: Squirrel Antics | Set: Fog/Rain
Both photos shown above are copyright LunaSol

Martha has been a contact of mine for a long time. She is a great and positive contact to have, leaving the nicest comments and being very encouraging. Her stream easily wanders from nature to nurture, the every day and the extraordinary.

» View LunaSol's Flickr stream
» View her Squirrel Antics set
» View her Fog/Rain set

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