Friday, November 10, 2006

Fellow Female Flickr Photographer #7: Meeralee

Someone Else Entirely A half-remembered dream
Set: A Model Husband | Set: These Days
All photos shown above are created and owned by Meeralee

I love it when you can see a photographer's love and appreciation of their subject. A good example is in Meeralee's "A Model Husband" set. It's as if you can view her love and admiration of her husband. The way she captures a glance, a split second. It's very sweet and the photos are very good.

In addition, she has a great set where she showcases her latest favorite photos in her stream -- just twenty. I think that's a hard thing to create; how can you limit things to only twenty? Within that you can see what is important and meaningful to her -- or simply what has just caught her eye in a certain way.

» View meeralee's Flickr stream
» View her A Model Husband set
» View her These Days set

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