Saturday, November 04, 2006

good morning

good morning, originally uploaded by emdot.

today i slept

and knitted. and listened to bill bryson. but mostly i slept. and it was a beautiful thing.

it's not like i had a choice, though. my eyes were not capable of the "be open" thing. same as my body was not capable of the "be awake" thing and my brain was not capable of the "follow a thought" thing. instead it was sleep-dream. wake up. knit. sleep dream wake up knit. repeat many times. sprinkle with intermittent listening to bill bryson who is my new hero.

i think most people who have spent an entire day sleeping know the little fear that can creep into the back of your head that says "if i keep sleeping i will not be able to sleep."

yes, that thought did cross my mind. but as it crossed it i realized i could probably stay in bed all day and night and still be sleepy tomorrow morning. so, i pushed that worry away.


steve and i went to the griffith park observatory today. we were really excited about it, especially since there were limited spots available. lmited usually implying "fewer people than one would normally encounter at griffith park."

not so, i'm afraid. the place was packed. packered than pack, actually. and we were both stoked to be there but i think we were equally both stoked to discover that the other was ready to leave early. it was just too crowded. and we were hungry. and me hungry? that is nothing pleasant. that makes me cranky and sensitive and more tired and did i say cranky?

i dare say we almost got into our first fight and would have had i not surfaced briefly from my hunger stupor to see my stupidity.

so we went to dinner (asian fusion place that servers some chinese, some sushi and some thai, all at once if you so wish) and it was delicious and i washed all my crankiness away with two glasses of sierra nevada pale ale.

sierra nevada pale ale can cure damn near anything i think.

tomorrow = more griffith park (travel town? merry-go-round? autry museum? picnic?) and then it's back on the train for me.

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