Tuesday, November 14, 2006

good morning sunshine

my cat, he's got catfood breath

aka gratuitous blog post cuz it's harder than i thought to post every damn freaking day.
  • chapin has calmed down
    thank the good lord above amen. ever since [monster truck voice] Chapin got into his Big Cat Fight of 2006[/mtv] he's been kinda pathetic. super meowlie. super pace-y. super jumpy. super not-fun-to-be-around.

    Lesson: spend time with cat = cat calms down. I stayed home this weekend and Chapin resumed Normal Cat Status. More purring that meowling. More purring than pacing. More purring than jumpingbean-aciousness.

    Mission accomplished.

  • New car insurance.
    Can I get a collective YEA followed by a collective sigh of relief?

  • Called my Uncle Robert. Called my grandma (she wasn't there; but hello I CALLED.

    All you people with a command over the key pad and the dial tone and the reciever? I envy you. I'm sure -- no! positive -- you take your gift for granted (the gift of calling). In fact, I got 10 smackers that say that you may even get angry when your friends don't keep in touch.


    I am here to tell you that it isn't so easy for a select group of us. The phone-a-phobes. The mere thought of calling creates sweat beads on our foreheads. The mere pondering of people who'd like to hear from us? (Excuse me while I go to grab a Xanax.) (What was I thinking even starting this topic.)

    Let's just suffice it to say that it isn't so easy for a select group of people and that I am their Patron Saint of Not Calling.

    If god sends me to hell for not calling my grandparents often enough? Pfffbt. Then he is no god of mine.

  • 4-star hotels.

  • Forgiveness.
    Even in all your notariety (sp?) you are underrated.

  • Dixie Chicks
    A. it is not my fault that their songs are so catchy.
    B. It is not my fault that I blared them from Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo non stop.
    C. I hold no responsibility for looking like a right idiot for singing along like a wide-mouth frog to tracks 1 through 12.
    D. If you were the Honda that passed me, pointed, laughed, and mocked me, just know this: Your time will come. Probably when your kids turn 13.

    oh oh. and p.s. finding a Fellow Flickr Female Photographer on a daily basis? EASY! Getting my fingers to type out the requisite HTML? Not so easy. But my heart is in the right place. You guys are just gonna have to trust me on that.

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