Wednesday, November 29, 2006

part meerkat

part meerkat, originally uploaded by Automatt.

meerkats are the new chihuahuas

it's true. you KNOW you would own a meerkat and find it a cute collar and bring it everywhere with you if you could. don't try to deny it.

Bugging me: people who think that "best" is a smarmy way to sign an email. I LOVE "best." I love best, all the best, best thoughts, bestests, and bestestests. I love besties. Besters. Best to the Best. Best in the West. Best Fest. And Big Smackies of Bestestness All Over Your Face.

There is no need to hate the best (found via Kottke, my source for all things online and relevant.

Let's see. What else is bugging me? In no particular order...
  • my hair. grrr. enough already. blech.

  • working all by myself for most of the day (dear student assistants, if you happen to read this, this is not me plying you to work more often or come in and do your homework more often; but i love it when you do and thank you.) that's just me stating that it is really really really really hard for me to work in a big big big open space all by my lonesome for hours on end. i can feel the energy seep out of me. by the end of the day i am so low and depressed and depleted... IT SUCKS!!!! it's not even that i need to talk or anything. i am just the type of person who likes others nearby.

  • ... maybe that is it in the bugging me category....

  • now for the loving it category....

  • meerkats

  • and that's it

I guess most things are in the "meh" category these days. Never a good sign. :)

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