Sunday, November 12, 2006


sunday equals...

...swapper to bishop's to new chair to new fry place to the angel marathon. and that's a lot of stuff.

I used to be one of those climb Bishops every day kinda girl. I used to be able to run about 3/4 of it. Used to used to used to. I hadn't been up it in what seems like a year. So me and steve joined Shane, Becky and Dan to power up Ye Ol Volcanic core. To say that I was bringing up the rear is an understatement (and not the metaphor you are thinking). I was LAGGING. My heart was a-pounding and I was a-panting. Note to self: work out once in a while self.

I love this picture of Becky. :) One of the few photos that I took and loved immediately right out of the camera (tho I did crop some sky). Really fun day. :)

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