Friday, November 03, 2006

paw sunday

paw sunday, originally uploaded by emdot.

Yesterday I was home sick – didn’t get out of my pajamas, in fact – which meant that I was subjected to both the joy of daytime tv (Oprah and some Ellen) and the bane that is daytime TV (everything that isn’t Oprah or Ellen.)

Oprah’s guest was Dr. Oz which was serendipitous for me as I have recently started a health kick complete with eating better, eating less, and moving more. My goal is to lose 20 pounds – yes that is right two-oh – by January one.

Now I know deep down that this is a bit of a ridiculous goal. One, I’ve never lost 20 pounds in my life. The most I have ever lost, in fact was 15 pounds and that was quite the achievement. Two, it is the holidays. November and December. And we are all intimate with the sabotage of the fudge and eggnog roadside gut bombs, not to mention the pumpkin pie suicide bomber and the Great Stuffing and Gravy insurgency.

Three, it’s only nine weeks. Which means that I would need to lose just about 2.5 pounds per week.

Yet, still, I feel like if I don’t aim high (and/or atmospherically) it won’t feel real, it won’t feel pressing, it won’t feel important and/or I will simply forget that I am on this health kick and go back to my one-million-calorie a day ways and honey could you pass the remote.

(Aside: the remote part. That was purely used for writing filler; I’m no couch potato. I am however, an ardent mouse potato sometimes only spurred to action when my DSL goes down or Flickr goes down or my email goes down or any combination of the three).

Anyhow. At home. Sick. Daytime TV. Oprah and Ellen. And Oprah’s guest was Dr. Oz who (if you haven’t seen him before), looks like a Ken doll but has an enthusiasm only surpassed by Richard Simmons. Dr. Oz is excited. Dr. Oz in knowledgeable and Dr. Oz wants to share his excitement and knowledge with you. Especially when it comes to eating right and walking.

And me? I was happy to soak it up.

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