Wednesday, November 15, 2006

noodle boy, descending

grrr my camera

I love lurve luff my camera. Seriously. My camera? The perfect camera for me. Except for a couple of features. One of them is that the menu button falls naturally under my right thumb; I constantly hit it and change my settings.

Example: the photo above. Somehow I changed the setting from high to medium and the photo ended up only being 1600 px wide. Which means I can't enter it into JPG Magazine's blur competition. Boo to the hoo. Bum to the mer. Wah to the wah. Et to the cetera.

Blogging every day? DAMN HARD. I'm just saying.

Oh and also, me? Hungry. Again, I'm just saying.

AND... I finally talked to my grandma. Why did I put that off? She's the best. Really. Truly. A firecrackers amongst eighty year olds, not to mention amongts firecrackers.

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