Wednesday, November 29, 2006


eddy_MdO_bluff_MG_1758-9, originally uploaded by mikebaird.

ohmigod. i am so in love with this photo!

mike made me a contact this evening so i toodled on over to his flickr stream to check out his photos. wow wow and wow! mike really captures the central coast. you know what i mean... he captures it as you experience it. it's one thing to take a photo and make it a hyperexperience. then there's the other thing of taking a photo and having it not meet your expectations.

somehow this guy gets the photos in a very real mode. nothing more. nothing less.

but when i say "nothing more," i should add the disclaimer that where i am from is pretty consistently jawdropping. so in other words, mike is really good at capturing the drop of the jaw.

did i say i freaking LOVE this photo???

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