Monday, November 13, 2006

we were third and fourthSo, a little background here: San Luis has very few "late night" eateries. Basically every place shuts down at 10:00 (maybe 10:30) and all those late-night after-the-bar party kids? Out of luck!

A new place opened up just a couple of doors down from SLO Brew called Bel Frites -- fries fries and more fries. Fries with sea salt. Fries with garlic salt. Fries with season salt. Fries with Chipotle sauce. Fries with dill sauce. Fries with this and fries with that and I think you are starting to get the idea.

Somehow, Sunday afternoon, me and Steve wound up as this new place's third customers. There was a line waiting to get in the door (and, as said, this was the afternoon -- not even prime party-goer hour).

Within minutes Tom and Cami coincidentally wandered by, saw us in line and joined in. It was fun. The owner took our photo (all of us in that first few customer line) and said he's going to hang it on the wall.

So what did I think? Tasty! But I have a serious weekness for salty super fried things. The sauces were delicious (and have better names than how I put it above) and the owners were sweet. :) Good location. I think it'll do good. :) I hope so. Long live the mom-and-pop french fry shop!!! :)

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