Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fellow Female Flickr Photographer #5: mygigi

tucked in searching, wondering, hiding
Set: DoF | Set: the evolution of my gigi
All photos shown above are created and owned by mygigi

How do you begin to talk about Gigi? She's ultra feminine with a very sharp edge. And when I say edge... how to explain... do you know what I mean when I say that beauty and fragility are in the most real and raw things? That's what I mean when I say edge here.

She's a classic beauty. Extremely pretty. But what I love about her is how she completely transcends her beauty. I think this is by a.) not taking herself that seriously (yet, never minimizing herself) and b.) showing herself without filters, despite whatever hardware may be attached to her camera.

I admire her. I respect her. And I love seeing the new images that pop up in her photostream. She recently took most of her photos private, but seems to be trickling them out to the masses again. So run, masses, run. And meet Gigi. You will be glad.

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