Saturday, November 25, 2006

nostalgia (refrigerator version)

it's time once again, folks

time to fight the good fight.

the fight against clutter.

so i am spending my saturday night tackling The Closet Which Shall Not be Tamed. i've got a machete, a blowtorch, some plastic gloves and protection goggles, and i'm still not sure that i am properly prepared.

but i've already slain FOUR huge bags of paper crap. gone. shredded or ripped or tossed and gone forever. bye bye. just getting through that much junk has made me feel lighter.

how much more do i have to go?

would you ask such a thing of lancelot when he had only just started out on his journey? or frodo baggins? magellen? cook? balboa? i think no. :)

i'm at that middle explosion stage when you know you've made progress but somehow everything has multiplied and s p r e a d out. but i just poured myself a glass of wine (baileyana pinot noir) and got out an old season of the sopranos on DVD and me and this beast? we shall meet and i shall come out the victor.

(and just to remind you: already = four, whole bags of paper crap gone!!!! excuse me while i do a premature victory dance.)

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