Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fellow Female Flickr Photographer #3: Elizabeth Taylor

Set: Mad/Glad

Set: 10 Things | Or just visit her stream and see it all
All photos shown above are created and owned by Stephanie/Elizabeth Taylor

Okay, so me choosing Stephanie, aka Elizabeth Taylor, is kind of cheating because I consider her one of my bestest Flickr friends. In fact, just thinking of Mizz E to the T makes me smile.

Mad/Glad is pretty self explanatory. But her 10 things set is about gratitude and appreciating the little things. Well, I guess it helps when the "little" things are knock outs in their own right. Three cheers for gratefulness and beauty.

And don't forget the side of goof.

» View Elizabeth Taylor's Flickr stream
» View her Mad/Glad set
» View her 10 things set

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