Thursday, November 16, 2006

remembering happy em

remembering happy em, originally uploaded by The 10 cent designer.


so grumpy i had to cancel dinner plans with KB. so grumpy that ... ugh... i couldn't even be with myself!

but here's the deal... sometimes if you just pipe up with a little confession (to anyone!) that "I am grumpy today"... well... i think the power of the grump begins to fade.

So, today, I confessed to the beloved Utata group my crankiness. And then I confessed to my beloved KB. And then I confessed again to the ever wonderful and likewise beloved 7-how-7. And the grumpy cloud began to dissipate (it turned from cumulus grumpy cloud to wispy partial cloudy.).

But the clincher? The thing that broke my frown and made me crack a smile? Miss 10-cent piece herself, doing an impression of me with my cowboy hat. It did more than clear the cloudy sky — it actually brought a little tear to my eye. Sigh. Life? It is good. No matter what my bad moods try to tell me.

Lori, you big goofball queen of the interior landscapes — thank you. Seriously. Thank you. :)

Fellow Female Flickr Photographer #8: the ten cent designer

So, everyone, it's about time I said this anyway &$151; check out the totally awesome 10 Cent Designer. Her interior shots cannot be beat. Can. Not. No way. They are the best. Her monkey shots? Perfection. But more than anything I love her slice o' life and her la-la-la take on life. We should all have that take.

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